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Automower VS Zero Turn Mowers

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Automower can mow more than an acre:

An Automower can handle any sized lawn from small models for quarter acre lots all the way up to models for 1.25 acre lawns.

Automower is cheaper than a Zero Turn:

An installed Automower cost about the same as a typical Zero Turn. However, Automower does not run on gas, it does not require shop time for service, and it does not take up any space in your garage or shed.

Automowers give you more free time:

Regardless of lawn size, with Automower you spend 0 hours of your time mowing, and you get a beautiful lawn!

Automower maintenance is simply a breeze:

Automowers are battery powered, meaning they have very low requirements for maintenance. For maintenance, an Automower needs:

  • Changing blades when dull (Automowers use small, thin blades (like razor blades) that are low cost, and simple to replace)
  • Periodic mower cleaning
  • A new battery after 7-9 years of use.

Zero Turns in comparison are high maintenance from the time of purchase:

  • Gas up every time you mow
  • Blade sharpening
  • Substantial Engine Maintenance
    • Oil changes and adding oil
    • Spark Plug replacements
    • Grease points in engine
    • Air Filter changes
  • Grease points on the mower chassis
  • Belt replacements
  • Battery charging and replacements
  • Tire maintenance
  • Mower cleaning

What about hills and slopes?

The Automower does great on hills and slopes. All models of Automower can handle 20 degree slopes. Some Automower models handle slopes up to 35 degrees.

A Zero Turn's maximum slope is 10 to 15 degrees. Even if operating within the 10 to 15 degree range, there is still danger to the operator of the mower slipping while mowing. Just a little dew or water can cause the Zero Turn to lose traction on slopes.

Automower is a unique mowing experience!

Automowers are battery powered robots. They are completely self-operating, meaning you just need to press start and the Automower mows your lawn and charges as needed. Its weather sealed packaging allows it to mow in the rain, and its quiet operation means it can even mow at night without disturbing your neighbors.

Once Automower is setup, you will never have to think about mowing your lawn again.

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